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When you work with Endurable Realty Group, you get the benefit of having a team comprised of 10+ team members consisting of a listing manager, transaction coordinator, showing coordinator, buyer/investor specialist,  dedicated marketing agents, and have partnered with a law firm all working together to achieve your goals. Too many realtors try doing all these roles on their own, but no one person can excel at doing all of these things, thus the benefit of working with a team where each person has a dedicated job that they excel at and focus on 100% of the time.    This type of client focus and dedication has allowed Keller Williams to be proudly serving the valley for over 20+ years.

Last week, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) argued that higher mortgage insurance premiums at the FHA have priced out scores of renters nationwide. Long story short, FHA financing is generally the cheapest option around for those with little set aside for down payment, so the increase in premiums is shutting the only door to [&hellip
So far, the traditionally strong spring home buying season is off to a not-so-great start. A pair of reports from DataQuick revealed that home sales in Northern and Southern California were at six-year lows in March, despite a strong seasonal uptick from February. In SoCal, a total of 17,638 new and resale homes and condos [&hellip
Sure, short sales have come to a relative crawl after carving out a decent slice of the real estate market over the past couple years, but there are still some stragglers gaining bank approval and closing. One of the more notable short sales to sell this week was in Greenwich, Connecticut. I say notable because [&hellip
Earlier this week, the National Association of Realtors sent a letter to FHA Commissioner Carol Galante urging her to rethink the agency’s new mortgage insurance structure. Since 2011, annual mortgage insurance premiums have risen from 90 basis points to 135 basis points in an effort to shore up reserves at the FHA. Additionally, many borrowers [&hellip
A new report from Black Knight Financial Services revealed that monthly mortgage origination volume fell to its lowest point on record in February. And recent prepay speeds signal even more declines in refinance volume in the near future. The company said mortgage originations hit at least a 14-year low during the second month of the [&hellip
When deciding between renting and buying, individuals often fret about missing out on home equity if they do the former. In other words, for all those years they choose to rent instead of own, they’re not gaining any equity, and their money is simply being thrown out the window. And while that argument might be [&hellip
This morning, Freddie Mac released a new tool called “MiMi,” which stands for Multi-Indicator Market Index. Put simply, it measures the stability of the housing market on the national, state, and metropolitan level and determines whether it’s within its historical stable range. At the moment, the national housing market is considered “weak” because it has [&hellip
Talk of another housing bubble is not new. In fact, pundits have been fretting about another bubble for over a year now thanks to rapidly rising home prices, with Las Vegas and Phoenix already considered to be bubble markets. That’s the problem with good news – eventually the pessimists come out and somehow turn it [&hellip
A bipartisan energy bill that was introduced to the Senate late last month would benefit mortgage borrowers who buy or refinance energy-efficient homes. The SAVE Act, co-authored by U.S. Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA), would allow federal mortgage agencies to consider a property’s energy efficiency and expected energy bills when determining [&hellip
Recently, there has been plenty of moaning and groaning about the mortgage “credit box” being too tight. In a nutshell, banks and lenders have been accused of becoming too conservative, making it difficult for less creditworthy borrowers to obtain financing. But as home loan lending volume continues to plummet, the obvious “solution” is to expand [&hellip
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